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Please be ok.

An old man turned 98. He won the lottery. And died the next day. 
Its a death row pardon, 2 minutes too late. And isnt it ironic dont you think? its like rain on your wedding day. its a free ride when youve already paid. its the good advice that you just didnt take. and who wouldve thought it figures. mr play it safe was afraid to fly. he packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye. he waited his whole damn life to take that flight. and as the plane crashed down he thought well isnt this nice. 

Being insecure sucks.

People that think they are better that you so talk to you to take the piss think they are so funny when actually I’m more fucking amazing than you actually think so you live your life and I’ll live mine and don’t ever pretend to like me because the truth is I probably don’t like you.

When you can’t stop thinking about him you know it’s special.

I fall way too easily for boys… Usually I’ll try and get them to fall for me but then there comes to the point when they have a girlfriend and there’s nothing you can do about that other than hoping that they don’t last too long.. Then he’s friends with your ex boyfriend/boyfriend who your not really sure whats going on with so another reason its not going to happen. But he’s so lovely’ damn! :( YOLO.